Our Charitable Objects

Building Relationships & Empowering Families.

Colossians Family Network exist to advance the Christian religion in particular but not exclusively by the provision of advice on marriage and parenting in the UK.

Colossians Family Network exist to

  • advance Christianity, by means of broadcasting and disseminating Christian advice on Marriage, Parenting and Family Life in the UK
  • advance the Christian faith of engaged or married heterosexual couples for the benefit of the public, in the UK, through the holding of seminars, workshops, conferences and producing and the distributing of Christian advice on Marriage & Parenting to enlighten others about our Christian faith as defined in the Holy Bible.
  • provide, for the benefit of the public, assistance through conciliation for engaged and married heterosexual couples in the UK, whose relationships appear to be breaking down, and where such relationships have already broken down, to advise and help in the settlement of differences or potential differences over associated matters such as custody and access to children, and financial matters.
  • educate young people, engaged and married heterosexual couples in matters of sex and contraception and to develop amongst them a sense of responsibility in regard to sexual behaviour with the aim of preventing and mitigating of the suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy.
    • preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children and to prevent the financial hardship, caused by unwanted conception;
    • educate the public in the field of procreation, contraception, and health with particular reference to personal responsibility in sexual relationships and to the consequences of population growth;
    • give medical advice and assistance in cases of involuntary sterility or of difficulties connected with the marriage relationship or sexual problems for which medical advice or treatment is appropriate.

How We Deliver these Objects.

Colossians Family Network

  • organises and delivers marriage & parenting events, seminars, workshops and retreats
  • provides Information, Advice & Guidance services on Marriage and Parenting (including legal rights and obligations)
  • signpost couples to other forms of help
  • provides counselling service including a safe neutral place for couples to talk to each other with a view to reconciliation or agreement
  • raises awareness and understanding of our religious beliefs on Marriage and Parenting
  • carrying out missionary and outreach work to advance our religious beliefs on marriage and parenting
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